The next phase of Joint Strike Missile provides opportunities for Devotek

The Norwegian Government has decided to put forward the development of the next stage of the Kongsberg Group Joint Strike Missile (JSM) to the Parliament. Kongsberg Devotek has had a long and highly successful cooperation with the Kongsberg Group, and is one of several selected suppliers to the JSM program. Should the Parliament endorse the proposal, it will mean a continuation of the development of the JSM until 2013.

The Joint Strike Missile is a new missile designed to fill an identified operational capability gap for Lockheed Martin’s F-35 fighter. The JSM is a long-range, advanced missile with both land and anti- ship capabilities. The missile is the only one currently under development can be carried inside the F-35’s wing, whilst meeting the operational requirements. The missile can also be integrated onto other platforms. The Kongsberg Group sees a great potential for the supply of the JSM to F-35 customers. As a result of an agreement between the U.S. and Norwegian defence authorities, the Kongsberg Group is invited to compete for the supply of a missile to the U.S. Navy, meeting their needs for both ship and aircraft based missiles.

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