Green racing, low noise motor

Project Green Racing is intended to make motorsport more accessible and more environmentally friendly. Kongsberg Devotek is the technical partner for this project.
“The goal of the project is to develop a standard for an electric powered motorcycle. We want the younger generations to get interested in using electric vehicles and to create a more environmentally friend approach to electric vehicles”, said Terje Skjelvand, from Norway Motorsportforbund and the project manager for Green Racing.
Important partner Kongsberg Devotek is the project's technical partner.
“A future-orientated project like this requires significant resources, not least on the technological side. Therefore Devotek with its vast expertise and experience in this field has become a very important factor for the project to succeed”, says Skjelvand.
Devotek will initially ensure that the solutions are to an acceptable standard and ensure safety. Then the company will actively participate in the further development of future solutions that must be innovative, economical and practical in a sustainable perspective.
“We want the solutions for electrically driven vehicles to become an even larger field of competence for us”, says Erik Karlsson, at Kongsberg Devotek. – “More environmentally friendly energy sources for vehicles requires a lot of research and development, and is something that Devotek want to support”, he said.

Traffic Habituation
Green Racing has adapted to the government's "knowledge-lift", which, among other things, aims to get more practical training in teaching. The project is also in line with the "National action plan for road safety", and has been supported by Tran Sova. The first set of bikes will arrive before the summer and will be supplied to the schools this autumn, including the Hvittingfoss School. Pupils from the 5th to 7th class will use the bikes in traffic adaptation, and NMF will have pre-implementation courses for teachers and parents.
“Surveys including SINTEF have shown that children, who learn road safety and handling a motor vehicle from an early age, have accident percentages of zero when they get a driver's license. This is also the group with the highest percentage of accident rates,” explains Skjelvand.
“Society has much to gain with children learning traffic adaptation and to make them used to driving with electric-powered vehicles. We must begin with the children if the project should be associated with something other than noise and exhaust smell!” he says.

Facts about Green Racing
• Will derive a standard for an electric powered motorcycle for use in motor sports
• A total of 200 electric vehicles to be rolled out to schools and motorcycle clubs in   Scandinavia for testing
• Norway Motorsportforbund responsible for the project on behalf of the International Motorsports Federation (FIM)
• Kongsberg Devotek contributes expertise on the technical solutions